Anton and Marina desperately needed our help. This young family of four had been evicted from the flat where they were living. Our co-ordinator found them, homeless and hungry with nowhere to go and no way to feed their children.

Anton recently lost his job due to the financial crisis and  struggled to find work. As the economy continues to collapse in Ukraine, the prospects for finding any kind of work are growing slimmer by the day.

“The government here will not help us to even feed our children,” says Marina. “We were at the end of our rope and had lost all hope until Christians Care International came to our rescue. Thank you so much for helping us to find a temporary place to live and for providing us with all of our meals. You have put a smile on my children’s faces and have restored our hope for the future.”

We have wrapped our loving arms around this family and are holding them up as we work on getting them to Israel. It is only thanks to the caring gifts of our ministry partners that we are able, not only to save the lives of Jewish families like Anton and Marina, but also to raise them up to Israel where they can move forward towards a healthy and productive future.

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