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Return to Israel: Aliyah

“Aliyah” is the Hebrew word meaning “to ascend.” The word commonly refers to Jews who immigrate, or return, to Israel. Christians Care International has helped 95,000 Jews to make aliyah and forge meaningful new lives in Israel.

Aliyah Programs

Aliyah Assistance

Making aliyah to Israel is difficult to accomplish on their own for many Jews living in the former Soviet Union. CCI’s Aliyah Coordinators help poor Jewish individuals and families to make the transition to Israel by providing a continuum of support services which ensures that they can lead healthy and productive lives as new Israeli citizens.

Vocational Training

Immigrants to Israel often fear they will be unable to find work once they arrive. CCI’s Mifras Program provides new immigrants to Israel with the job skills they will need to escape poverty and stand on their own two feet.

Emergency Rescue

Many Jews of the former Soviet Union live in immediate life-threatening conditions and are unable to make aliyah due to missing documents. Working with local governments, communities and Israeli officials, CCI Aliyah Coordinators identify and help Jews facing these situations immigrate and find safety in Israel.

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