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Children's Care and Rehabilitation

Christians Care International is the only Christian organization that provides direct rehabilitative care to Jewish orphans and underprivileged children. Combining neuroscience with psychotherapy, we provide treatment for severely abused, neglected and abandoned Jewish children.

Children's Care

Psychological Services

Many Jewish children in the former Soviet Union suffer deep emotional scars from years of neglect and abuse. CCI combines neuroscience with advanced psychological care to rehabilitate Jewish children who have suffered from psychological and physical traumas.

Kalaniot Children's Home

Few realize that many Jewish children face the daily threat of starvation, abuse and neglect. CCI’s Kalaniot Children’s Home provides abused, neglected and abandoned Jewish children with a safe, loving home where they receive 24-hour advanced psychological care.

Project Kadima

Kadima is the Hebrew word for forward and thats exactly what our children are doing in this innovative program. Moving forward! Project Kadima teaches underprivileged Jewish children independent living skills while at the same time preparing them to attend high school in Israel. 95% of our graduates end up making aliyah after receiving a world class education.

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