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Humanitarian Aid

With so few local resources or infrastructure to help poor Jews of the former Soviet Union, many face hunger and health emergencies on a daily basis. For these seniors, children and families who are most vulnerable, Christians Care International fills the void with life-saving care.

Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Assistance

With social services virtually non-existent, many impoverished Jews of the former Soviet Union cannot meet their most basic needs to survive. CCI provides immediate assistance in the form of food, clothing, safe shelter and medications.

Emergency Medical Fund (EMF)

As the economy continues to deteriorate in the FSU, our Jewish brothers and sisters are dying at rates never seen before because they cannot afford quality medical care. CCI's Emergency Aid Program provides life-saving advanced medical care to those facing life-threatening injuries or illnesses.

Senior Care Services

Elderly Jewish people and Holocaust Survivors in the FSU are starving, suffering and alone. CCI's Senior Care Services provides daily meals, medical care, advanced therapeutic care and social stimulation to over 1,100 of our elderly brothers and sisters every single day.

Feeding Centers

Every single day, our feeding centers are providing nutritious meals and loving companionship to thousands of elderly Jewish people, Holocaust Survivors, individuals, children and families living in the Former Soviet Union.

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