Abram and Natella’s love has been so strong that they have been inseparable for the past 60 years. This loving couple met and married at university and then went on to both become respected college professors. As Holocaust survivors, they have survived so many life-threatening situations in their lives, but now face a monumental battle as Abram was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer.

“Abram is my love, my life and my everything,” says Natella.

“I will never forget the day that we met. I was walking to class and this handsome young man ran past me to open the door. As our eyes met, he lost his balance and all of his books fell to the ground. We looked at each other and both broke out in laughter. The rest, I should say, is history!”

Abram: “Natella is the best wife any man could ever ask for. Being Jewish in Ukraine isn’t easy, but having Natella by my side to fight through the hatred and repression has made me a better man. Her compassion towards humanity not only inspires me, but represents the love and understanding that we should all possess towards our fellow citizens.”

The couple were faced with mounting medical bills and a pension that barely pays their monthly electricity bill. Abram and Natella desperately needed our help. The medical care that Abram received was substandard at best. Together, with your prayers and loving gifts, we are ensuring Abram receives the best treatments available and lifting this couple up so they will have a fighting chance of living out their final years together.


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