Lera and Igor, both 68 years old, don’t have a bitter bone in their bodies. This is remarkable considering they have faced a life of antisemitic treatment which eventually forced them to move out of their flat in Kiev over 20 years ago. They sold their flat for half its value and moved to a broken-down shack in a small, secluded village.

“The fears that I have are seared into my mind”, says Lera. “Our neighbours hated Jews. They would paint our door with horrible symbols, bang on our walls at night so we couldn’t sleep and torment us with verbal abuse. It was like a bad dream that we could not wake up from.”

Today they live in sheer poverty. They have no fridge, no plumbing, they sleep in a broken down little bed and use an outhouse for their bathroom. They have no money for food, clothing, medication or electricity, yet this beautiful couple are still filled with so much hope and love.

Through our feeding programme, we are now providing Lera and Igor with nutritious daily meals. Our psychologists are working to ease their symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which resulted from suffering years of abuse. Together, we are showing them how much Christians care for the Jewish people.

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