Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

The current circumstances facing innocent children in Ukraine are beyond heartbreaking. Every day, they are exposed to the cruel face of violence, the gnawing pain of hunger, and the bleakness of extreme poverty. These young souls, whose eyes should sparkle with joy and curiosity, instead reflect a world stripped of all warmth and comfort.


My family, I would like to introduce you to 11 year old Lena, who has endured more hardship than most people would ever face in a lifetime. The severity of her trauma is extremely difficult to write about and is beyond what any child should ever have to experience.

When Lena was only 2 years old, the unimaginable happened. Her father, a brave and dedicated officer in the Ukrainian Army, was tragically killed while performing his duty – clearing land mines. This was a devastating blow to Lena as she would continually call out to her father, not understanding why he would never answer.

Tragedy would strike this angel once again, this time taking away the other pillar of her world – her mother, who was her giver of love and comfort. Sadly, Lena’s mother was in a horrific car accident and later died from her injuries. This unbelievable occurrence created a devastating void in her life that left her without her parents, who she loved so very much.

Upon arriving at our Kalaniot Children’s Home, Lena was overwhelmed with emotion. We immediately took this dear child under our care, where our loving arms became her sanctuary, shielding her from the storms that once raged in her tortured life.

It is here at our Kalaniot Children’s Home, where Lena is not just another child; she is now a member of our loving family, where we are together raising her as our very own.

My family, there are thousands of suffering Jewish children just like Lena, who are in desperate need of our life-saving services and tender loving care. Together, with your prayers and sacred gifts of love, we can breathe new life into their shattered souls while we raise them up to God, healthy and whole.

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