My Dear Brothers & Sisters, 

I hope that this message finds you and your family healthy and well during this stressful time. I first want to assure you that Christians Care International is operating at full capacity as we work tirelessly to answer God’s calling upon us to gather, bless and bring our suffering Jewish brothers and sisters home to Israel. 

As the situation with the coronavirus continues to develop, our greatest priority is to protect the health and safety of all who are in our life-saving programs as well as our dedicated staff around the world and the communities where we work. This is why we have implemented all of the guidelines and protective measures put in place by the national health authorities of the different countries in which we work in. 

The following additional steps have already been implemented in order for us to comply with social distancing requirements, so that we can do our part in helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus:  

All of our staff are now working in safe environments to prevent the possible exposure or spread of the coronavirus. 

We have implemented meal deliveries in all of our feeding programs so that the individuals who depend on our life-saving meals are provided healthy and nutritious food every day without having to leave the safety of their homes. 

We have complied with the governmental mandate in Ukraine to close our school to protect the safety of the children and to also prevent the possible spread of the virus. During this closure, we will deliver meals to all of the underprivileged children in our program and also provide meals for their families. We have also begun a home schooling program with educational materials delivered to the children until the school can reopen. 

Our entire team of social workers, caretakers and psychologists are closely monitoring the elderly, Holocaust Survivors, children, families and individuals who are under our care to ensure that all of their needs are being met and that they continue to be healthy and well. 

We have secured our Kalaniot Children’s Home to ensure that our children and staff will remain safe and healthy during this global pandemic.  

I want you to know that our life-saving work would not be possible without your prayers, partnership and loving support. Together we are saving more Jewish lives than ever before as we continue to bless Israel and our suffering Jewish brothers and sisters. 

Our entire staff would like to thank you for your love and compassion and want you to know that we are all praying for your health and safety. 

May God Bless you for helping us to bless Israel and our suffering Jewish brothers and sisters. 

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