Blessing the lost children of Israel

“There is hope for your future,” says the Lord, “and your children will return to their own land” Jeremiah 31:17


I would like to introduce you to little Alex who entered our loving Kalaniot Home just a few short months ago. Alex’s story is heart-breaking and filled with pain that no child should ever have to experience in their young lives. But despite the immense sadness that surrounds sweet little Alex, this is also a story about how our acts of love, are saving the lives of His Lost And Suffering Children.

For the first 3 years of Alex's life, his childhood was carefree and filled with an abundance of love and laughter. This little boy was inseparable from his daddy and he loved him more than anything in the world. But then, within a matter of days, Alex’s life was turned upside down when war broke out in Ukraine.

Alex tragically lost his father while he was trying to defend their home during a full-scale attack in the village where they lived. This devastating loss shattered Alex’s life leaving him traumatised, without the father he so dearly loved with all of his heart. Then, a few days later, tragedy would strike this family again when he and his mother lost everything that they owned when a missile hit their home. Luckily, they were found by one of our rescue workers and taken directly to our office for assistance. 

Today, Alex is now living in our Kalaniot Home, far removed from the chaos and conflict that took his daddy’s life away. He is working with our team of therapists every day while also receiving the loving care that he has been missing so much. His mother has also entered our Rehabilitative Care Program where our therapists and social workers are helping her to not only cope with the overwhelming loss that she has suffered from, but are also teaching her new skills so that she can rise up once again.

I am praying that you will continue to bless and support our loving Kalaniot Children’s Home which stands as a beacon of hope for The Lost Children Of Israel. With your prayers and very special gifts of love, we can together provide Alex, his mother and others just like them with advanced rehabilitative services and loving care that they desperately need to survive.

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