Say hello to Marina, who is the director, or what we like to say, Executive Mum of our life-saving Kalaniot Children’s home. Marina is not only in charge of Kalaniot but also manages our entire team of Neuropsychologists, teachers and loving caretakers. Marina is an expert in early childhood development and holds a graduate certificate as a Learning Disabled Specialist. All of our children love her very much and refer to her as “Mum”!

3-year-old Alex came to us suffering from severe developmental delays and was only able to say two words when he entered our home. This poor little boy was terrified to go to sleep at night and would shake violently while in his bed. He would then try to calm down by wrapping his own arms around himself while rocking back and forth.

Our team of therapists at Kalaniot were able to track down one of Alex’s relatives and were told that from the time he was born, his family were always homeless, wondering the local streets day and night. After receiving this valuable information, we were able to put together a comprehensive treatment plan to begin healing the severe trauma which he was suffering from.

I am pleased to say that Alex is now doing wonderfully here in Kalaniot. We have formed such a close relationship and he just loves giving and receiving big hugs. I want to thank you for all of your letters of encouragement and loving support for this very special home.  


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