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Behind The Scenes With Alex!

Say hello to Alex!

Alex has been in our Kadima Youth Aliyah program since it first began. He has always dreamt about becoming a junior counselor in the program to help other teens who want to study in Israel and then eventually make Aliyah. This year Alex’s dream came true and he is now an official group leader in Kadima! Yes!  

Alex is so friendly and positive and he just loves sharing his knowledge about Israel with all of the new students in Kadima. “I get so excited to speak and teach about Israeli culture,” says Alex. “I especially like showing our new students how to prepare tasty Israeli meals and also how to order food in Israeli restaurants. I get so much pleasure in helping others to learn about the Holy Land!”  

After this school year, Alex will move to Israel to attend university so that he can fulfill his dream of becoming an architect. He so very much wants to contribute in helping to build up the land that God has promised to him. Alex also wants to thank each and everyone of you for supporting the Kadima Youth Aliyah Program which has helped changed his life while raising him up to God.

What a blessing it is that we can work together to answer God’s calling to bless and bring His lost children home to Israel, healthy and whole. May God bless you for your love and commitment to our mission.

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