We’d been fishing for nearly an hour when my grown son leaned over and said, “Uh, Mom, do you still have bait on your line?” 

“Oh, yeah,” I replied, confidently. “I’m sure I do.”

Then my son asked, “Do you have a weight on your line? Most of the fish are at the bottom.” 

Reeling in, I saw that there was no weight. There was no bait. And there was no hook! I’d been so sure I knew what I was doing, (and equally sure I was going to catch the first fish), I’d rushed to get my line in the water without securing it.

So it is with the Christian life, isn’t it? We are so confident we know what we are doing, we take off running, only to realize we’ve run way ahead of the Lord without His provision.

Walking the walk of faith is both “all-in” and “in-step.”

If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit. (Galatians 5:25)

So what does this mean for our day-to-day lives, my friends?

I’m afraid there have been some confusing messages concerning the call to follow Christ. And if we’re completely honest, being “all in” for the Lord can feel overwhelming. 

However, what if walking the walk is really about small, faithful steps of love? In your sphere of influence—your family, neighborhood, and community, who might need an extension of God’s love through you?

A family member might need your forgiveness and a fresh start.

A neighbor might need your time and talent to help finish a task.

A homeless person might need a meal and a listening ear.

My friends, this is what walking the walk looks like!

You should know, that it is only by taking one faithful and loving step at a time that we, at Christians Care International, are able to reach our suffering Jewish brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Although we are eager to help as many as we possibly can, we know that it is by extending God’s love to one beloved person at a time that we are making the greatest impact for His people.

So, my friends, in what way will you walk the walk today? Don’t be overwhelmed! Be encouraged. You don’t have to rush to be the first one to cast your line. You don’t need to worry about who catches the first fish. Your small cast of love is the perfect first step!

My son and I still laugh about the day I cast my line into the water without bait or hook. It’s a silly memory I won’t forget. But it’s also a reminder that there is a sea of people in need of God’s love. Whatever sandy shore you find yourself standing on today, please know that the tiniest ripple you cast will join the swell of other ripples, becoming a wave of God’s unstoppable love.

Walking the walk with all of you,

Jennifer Waddle, CCI Ministry Development Team 

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