Our rescue team just recently found Albert living in extreme poverty and very dangerous life-threatening conditions. This dear brother is a refugee from the war in Donetsk where he lost everything that he owned, except for the clothes on his back.  Every picture and item from his past and present were destroyed when a gunfight caused his home to catch fire and burn to the ground. He then ran for his life to find safe shelter, only to end up in a dilapidated one room flat with no running water or electricity. 

When we placed Albert into our Senior Care program, he literally did not have anything to his name and desperately needed hip replacement surgery. Our rehabilitative teams are now putting together a treatment plan for this sweet man as we work to stabilize his health and provide him with all of the food, clothing, safe shelter and medical treatments that he so much needs. 

My family, I am praying that you will continue to help us put a name and a face to every one of our beloved Jewish brothers and sisters who we rescue and save. May God bless you abundantly, for helping us to bless Israel and the Jewish people.  

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