We invite you to meet Svetlana and her disabled son, Andre, who was born with Autism Spectrum Disorder and has difficulty communicating and interacting with others.  Svetlana is really struggling after her husband recently deserted the family. She is trying to not only take care of Andre, but also to find a part time job so that she can buy food and the medications that he needs. With no social services available, Svetlana has come to us asking for help.

It is heart-breaking to see the suffering that the Jewish people continuously face in the Former Soviet Union. Antisemitism, poverty and deprivation are making it almost impossible for people like Svetlana and Andre to survive. Our team of psychologists and social workers are overwhelmed and overloaded as we are presented with new and difficult cases every day. Together we can be an example to the world of how much Christians care about the Jewish people as we bless and change their lives.

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