I can’t say that we are ever relaxed or complacent when it comes to answering God’s calling to raise up and bless suffering Jewish people, but God sends out a sometimes very painful wake up call, not to punish, but to draw us closer to Him.

It is with immense sadness and a heavy heart that I bring you this news. A mother approached our children’s team and asked us to take her baby, because she was losing the ability to care for her. Our life-saving Kalaniot Children’s Home is only set up to take in children three years of age and older. We moved into action and assembled a trauma team that would be able to care for a child of this age. The night before the mother was due to bring her daughter to Kalaniot, the father tragically killed the baby. We had no indication at all that this child’s life was in immediate danger.

This tragedy rocked our foundation. God sent us this wake up call to expand our Kalaniot Children’s Home so that we will never lose a precious young Jewish life again. This was a clear message as to how desperate and dangerous the conditions are right now for impoverished Jewish families and children.

It is because of our faith in God that we have moved forward to secure a new building that will allow us to build a special emergency unit for babies in crisis.

I am praying that you will partner with us and answer God’s calling alongside us. Your loving gifts will not only save and change a suffering child’s life but also give great meaning to the little baby who lost hers.

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