Natella Boorstyn, a nuclear scientist, was forced into a radioactive nightmare when she was called to oversee the containment and clean-up of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. She was sent into the disaster site wearing makeshift protective clothing made up of thin lead sheets, resulting in her receiving a dose of radiation equal to 1,000 chest x-rays. Natella survived her time at Chernobyl but she was left with a lifetime of serious health issues which have now left her bedridden and unable to communicate.

Natella and Aaron were married just three years before the Chernobyl disaster. Soon after, the couple’s plans quickly changed when Natella was called into service. They put their hopes and future on hold while Natella risked her life to save the lives of others.

…“I am not sure how much she understands at this point, but I talk to her and sit with her all day,” says Aaron. “She is my love and it just breaks my heart to see her suffering like this.”…

Natella was one of the 90,000-200,000 that survived working in the area of the meltdown. She came home exhausted and mentally scarred for life. It was a few years later that her health problems began to emerge and they have persisted ever since. Aaron has always been by her side to care for her and love her as she fought for her life.


Together we can support Aaron as he cares for Natella in her final days. Let’s shower this couple with the love of God and show them how much Christians Care by providing them with medical care, food, clothing and love. Let’s bless them together and raise them up to God, just as He has called upon us to do.

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