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4 year-old Olivia has Acute Leukemia and desperately needs your prayers, love, and support as we race to save her life.


For nearly three decades, Christians Care International (CCI) has been bringing together loving Christians like you, to bless Israel and the Jewish people. Today in the former Soviet Union, the situation has turned critical for our Jewish brothers and sisters living there.  Holocaust survivors, the elderly, Jewish children, and families are dying needlessly every day from starvation, illness, extreme loneliness, and anti-Semitic violence. Our emergency rescue teams are working around the clock to save the lives of the suffering as we walk and work in the image of Jesus. Together with your prayers and gifts of love, we are spreading the Gospel through action by demonstrating the healing power of Christian love to our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Our loving family of Christians has helped us to bring over 91,000 Jewish people home to Israel, are caring for over 1,700 Jewish orphans and underprivileged children in our Kalaniot children’s programs and are providing life-saving humanitarian aid every day to thousands who are suffering and in danger of losing their lives.  Please join our family and our God-given mission to bless Israel and the Jewish people.

Join Our Family of Loving Christians and Let Us Pray Together for Olivia and all of God’s Beloved Lost Children of Israel.


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