Behind The Scenes With Alex!

Behind The Scenes With Alex!

Say hello to Alex!

Alex has been in our Kadima Youth Aliyah program since it first began. He has always dreamt about becoming a junior counselor in the program to help other teens who want to study in Israel and then eventually make Aliyah. This year Alex’s dream came true and he is now an official group leader in Kadima! Yes!  

Alex is so friendly and positive and he just loves sharing his knowledge about Israel with all of the new students in Kadima. “I get so excited to speak and teach about Israeli culture,” says Alex. “I especially like showing our new students how to prepare tasty Israeli meals and also how to order food in Israeli restaurants. I get so much pleasure in helping others to learn about the Holy Land!”  

After this school year, Alex will move to Israel to attend university so that he can fulfill his dream of becoming an architect. He so very much wants to contribute in helping to build up the land that God has promised to him. Alex also wants to thank each and everyone of you for supporting the Kadima Youth Aliyah Program which has helped changed his life while raising him up to God.

What a blessing it is that we can work together to answer God’s calling to bless and bring His lost children home to Israel, healthy and whole. May God bless you for your love and commitment to our mission.


Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you. Isaiah 46:4

75-year-old Galina has faced a lifetime of anti-Semitic treatment, deprivation and extreme poverty while living in Ukraine. As a child, she was never able to meet her grandparents because they were hunted down and executed by the Nazis before she was born. When our rescue team recently found this sweet woman, she was suffering from a multitude of acute medical conditions including heart disease, osteoporosis, inflammation of the gallbladder and severe hearing loss. 

Galina met her beloved husband Serge while they were both attending the same high school in Kiev. The two fell in love almost instantly and married a year later, after they both graduated. These two love birds both dedicated their lives to each other while working side by side to build their successful marriage, business and future.

As the economy in Ukraine deteriorated after the revolution of 2014, Galina and Serge ended up losing their business. This put an immense amount of pressure on Serge to somehow find a way to earn an income. Unfortunately, there just was not any work to be found for a 68-year-old Jewish man. Sadly, the pressure and stress that Serge endured lead to a host of medical issues that tragically took his life two years ago. 

“Saying goodbye to my best friend and the love of my life was the hardest and most devastating thing I have ever had to do”, says Galina. “I did not know where to turn, what to do or how to live without my partner next to me. My world was shattered and the pain from loneliness was the worst thing that I have ever felt in my life”.  

Galina has just entered our Senior Care Services Program where our coordinators are putting together a complex treatment plan to treat the many medical issues that she is suffering from. Our in-home team has begun to make regular visits to her home to ensure that she is receiving the loving care and companionship that she so desperately needs. 

Let us together join hands with our dear sister Galina and all of the thousands of elderly Jewish people in Ukraine who desperately need our help. Together we can heal them through our life-saving care and then raise them up, just as God has called upon us to do.

May God bless you for helping us to bless Israel and our suffering Jewish brothers and sisters. 

Karill In Israel!

See I will beckon to the nations, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders. Isaiah 49:22

Karill attended our Mitzvah Schooling Program where he was an excellent student and excelled in his studies. He was not only committed to his scholastic classes but also very much looked forward to his classes on Israeli culture and the Hebrew language. 

“My dream of moving to Israel started right after my Bar Mitzvah when I was 13”, says Karill “I really can’t describe where these feelings came from, but they were very strong and actually surprised me quite a bit. At the time, I didn’t know how or when I would go to Israel, but I was sure in my heart that it was going to happen someday”.

As the years went by, Karill’s feelings and beliefs only intensified. “It was a little over 4 years ago, when one of my teachers told me about the opening of a new class called the Kadima Youth Aliyah Program. My heart almost jumped out of my chest when she told me that this programme would help and prepare students to make Aliyah. Before she could even finish her sentence I said, this is for me! Where do I sign up!?”

For the next 2 years, Karill worked hard in Kadima and never ever missed one of his classes. At his teachers request, he also became a mentor to help his fellow students grow and learn. “I was thrilled to develop so many independent living skills in Kadima! I learned everything from opening a bank account to how to use the public transportation system in Israel. It was a dream come true!” 

When Karill turned 18, he made Aliyah and at the same time was given a full scholarship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Hallelujah! He adjusted to his new life almost immediately and of course continued to excel in his studies at university.  

“Today, I couldn’t be happier in my life” says Karill. “Recently, I was drafted into the army here and began my service just a few weeks ago. Of course, I am a little nervous about serving in the army, but I am also so very proud to be able to be an Israeli and give back to my country that I love so much.”

May God bless you for helping us to bless and bring home the Lost Children Of Israel, healthy and whole. 

Behind The Scenes

Meet Katya, who is our head neuropsychologist in the Kiev region of Ukraine. Katya works directly with Rabbi Azman’s community at Anatevka, where she manages our staff of neuropsychologists and specially trained social workers who provide rehabilitative services for refugees who have escaped the war in Eastern Ukraine. 


I would like to introduce you to Ella, who is an 84-year-old Holocaust Survivor. Ella has suffered her entire life because of the trauma that she endured during the Holocaust. She had never dealt with her feelings of guilt and the never ending images of seeing those around her being beaten, tortured and viciously murdered.  

Recently Ella experienced two traumatic events in her life which intensified her feelings of guilt and fear. Her closest friend died suddenly and right after that, she fell and hurt herself very badly in her home.  

When Ella came under our care, she was extremely depressed and was having heart palpitations and severe tremors. She told me that she was afraid of dying and was feeling very guilty about not being able to help or say goodbye to her best friend. These events brought up so many unresolved issues in her life which were the reasons for her feelings of anxiety, hopelessness and despair. 

Today, I am happy to tell you that Ella is doing much better and has been able to learn how to  express her feelings of pain and guilt which she has kept hidden, her entire life. She is finally able to feel a sense of peace, forgiveness and security for the first time in her life. 

Behind The Scenes

Say hello to Marina, who is the director, or what we like to say, Executive Mum of our life-saving Kalaniot Children’s home. Marina is not only in charge of Kalaniot but also manages our entire team of Neuropsychologists, teachers and loving caretakers. Marina is an expert in early childhood development and holds a graduate certificate as a Learning Disabled Specialist. All of our children love her very much and refer to her as “Mum”!

3-year-old Alex came to us suffering from severe developmental delays and was only able to say two words when he entered our home. This poor little boy was terrified to go to sleep at night and would shake violently while in his bed. He would then try to calm down by wrapping his own arms around himself while rocking back and forth.

Our team of therapists at Kalaniot were able to track down one of Alex’s relatives and were told that from the time he was born, his family were always homeless, wondering the local streets day and night. After receiving this valuable information, we were able to put together a comprehensive treatment plan to begin healing the severe trauma which he was suffering from.

I am pleased to say that Alex is now doing wonderfully here in Kalaniot. We have formed such a close relationship and he just loves giving and receiving big hugs. I want to thank you for all of your letters of encouragement and loving support for this very special home.  


Special Needs Program

When you judge a child by their diagnosis, you miss out on their abilities, beauty and uniqueness. My family, I would like to introduce you to one of the sweetest young ladies that I have ever met. This is Allysa, who has recently entered our Special Needs Program.

Since the day that this angel was born, her loving mother Anna has been by her side, caring for her every need. This loving mom pledged that her beloved daughter would never end up in one of the torturous institutions for special needs children in the Former Soviet Union. But today, Anna is terrified because her meager pension of only $65 a month is just not enough to pay for the food and medical care that Allysa desperately needs to survive.

“I am not one to ever ask for help”, says Anna. “Today, I am swallowing my pride and asking if you will help me take care of my beautiful Allysa. She is my everything and we have been inseparable since the day she was born. If only people would take the time to get to know her, they would see what a wonderful, sweet and caring person she really is. Instead, most people are afraid of her and look the other way when we are walking in town. It just breaks my heart to see the pain in her eyes when she sees people’s reaction to her.”

Let’s together wrap our loving arms around this family and show them just how powerful Christian love is by providing them with good nutrition and the aid that they so desperately need. Let’s also welcome Allysa into our Special Needs Program where she will receive the advanced medical care and rehabilitative therapy that she needs to be healthy and happy.

May God bless you for blessing and caring for His children with special needs.



Our rescue team just recently found Albert living in extreme poverty and very dangerous life-threatening conditions. This dear brother is a refugee from the war in Donetsk where he lost everything that he owned, except for the clothes on his back.  Every picture and item from his past and present were destroyed when a gunfight caused his home to catch fire and burn to the ground. He then ran for his life to find safe shelter, only to end up in a dilapidated one room flat with no running water or electricity. 

When we placed Albert into our Senior Care program, he literally did not have anything to his name and desperately needed hip replacement surgery. Our rehabilitative teams are now putting together a treatment plan for this sweet man as we work to stabilize his health and provide him with all of the food, clothing, safe shelter and medical treatments that he so much needs. 

My family, I am praying that you will continue to help us put a name and a face to every one of our beloved Jewish brothers and sisters who we rescue and save. May God bless you abundantly, for helping us to bless Israel and the Jewish people.