Story: Aaron & Natella

Natella Boorstyn, a nuclear scientist, was forced into a radioactive nightmare when she was called to oversee the containment and clean-up of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. She was sent into the disaster site wearing makeshift protective clothing made up of thin lead sheets, resulting in her receiving a dose of radiation equal to 1,000 chest x-rays. Natella survived her time at Chernobyl but she was left with a lifetime of serious health issues which have now left her bedridden and unable to communicate.

Natella and Aaron were married just three years before the Chernobyl disaster. Soon after, the couple’s plans quickly changed when Natella was called into service. They put their hopes and future on hold while Natella risked her life to save the lives of others.

…“I am not sure how much she understands at this point, but I talk to her and sit with her all day,” says Aaron. “She is my love and it just breaks my heart to see her suffering like this.”…

Natella was one of the 90,000-200,000 that survived working in the area of the meltdown. She came home exhausted and mentally scarred for life. It was a few years later that her health problems began to emerge and they have persisted ever since. Aaron has always been by her side to care for her and love her as she fought for her life.


Together we can support Aaron as he cares for Natella in her final days. Let’s shower this couple with the love of God and show them how much Christians Care by providing them with medical care, food, clothing and love. Let’s bless them together and raise them up to God, just as He has called upon us to do.

Story: Our Children Are Rising Up

Then their offspring will be known among the nations, And their descendants in the midst of the peoples. All who see them will recognize them Because they are the offspring whom the LORD has blessed.” (Isaiah 61:9 – NASB)

Our children are rising up! What a blessing it is to see our children with smiles on their faces. They are coming alive as we breathe new life into their souls through our innovative children’s rehabilitation programmes. These same children who were abused and neglected are now rising up as individuals as we raise them up to Israel!

It is only because of your partnership, love and prayers that we are able to provide the life-saving services that are changing our children’s lives. Together we can carry them back home to Israel, healthy and whole.

Story: Eugene’s Aliyah

18-year-old Eugene Fursenko was just sitting down to eat his breakfast when a hard thud on his front door jolted him. The surprise visitor handed Eugene orders to report to the Ukrainian army’s commissariat, the agency in charge of the draft. Eugene broke into a cold sweat as his heart pounded. As he closed the front door, his hands were trembling so badly that they slipped off the door handle. Eugene slumped to the floor holding the notice which he considered to be his death sentence.

“When you go to fight in Eastern Ukraine, you are living in a lawless and unpredictable hell. For a Jew it is even worse.” says Eugene. “I would not only have to fight the rebels, but I would also be the target of antisemitic attacks by my fellow soldiers. I would proudly fight for a country that respected me and treated me with dignity, but as a Ukrainian Jew, I would be treated like a dog.”

Eugene approached our Aliyah team for help and thanks to your partnership and financial support, we can together yell out a big “Hallelujah”, because Eugene has now made aliyah!

“I want to thank everyone who supported my aliyah,” says Eugene. “I have been given a new chance at life and am so proud to be an Israeli citizen. I am looking forward to serving in the Israeli Army where I can contribute to protecting my new homeland. You have changed my life and given me hope for my future! Thank you again for your love and support.”

Story: God’s Wake Up Call

I can’t say that we are ever relaxed or complacent when it comes to answering God’s calling to raise up and bless suffering Jewish people, but God sends out a sometimes very painful wake up call, not to punish, but to draw us closer to Him.

It is with immense sadness and a heavy heart that I bring you this news. A mother approached our children’s team and asked us to take her baby, because she was losing the ability to care for her. Our life-saving Kalaniot Children’s Home is only set up to take in children three years of age and older. We moved into action and assembled a trauma team that would be able to care for a child of this age. The night before the mother was due to bring her daughter to Kalaniot, the father tragically killed the baby. We had no indication at all that this child’s life was in immediate danger.

This tragedy rocked our foundation. God sent us this wake up call to expand our Kalaniot Children’s Home so that we will never lose a precious young Jewish life again. This was a clear message as to how desperate and dangerous the conditions are right now for impoverished Jewish families and children.

It is because of our faith in God that we have moved forward to secure a new building that will allow us to build a special emergency unit for babies in crisis.

I am praying that you will partner with us and answer God’s calling alongside us. Your loving gifts will not only save and change a suffering child’s life but also give great meaning to the little baby who lost hers.

Story: Ludmilla Under Our Care

“You listen to the longings of those who suffer. You offer them hope, and you pay attention to their cries for help.” Psalm 10:17 (CEV)

When we met with Ludmilla and her father to prepare her for her move to live in our Kalaniot Children’s Home, I was struck by the immense sadness in her eyes. Ludmilla’s mother suddenly died one year ago from a freak and tragic illness that quickly overtook her body. Right after her mother’s death, her father began battling an addiction problem so severe that he is now no longer able to care for Ludmilla.

This sweet and sensitive 15-year-old loves her father so much. She had taken on the burden of her father’s illness and tried with all of her heart and soul to help him overcome his addiction. Unfortunately, this is just too much to ask of a 15-year-old causing her to spiral into a deep depression.

Today Ludmilla is receiving intensive psychological care while living in our Kalaniot home. We have worked with her father and persuaded him to enter a work and rehabilitation programme in Israel and our goal is to reunite this daughter and father in Israel where they can move forward with a healthy new start in their lives. This is what aliyah is really all about: raising up Jewish lives so they are healthy and whole and then bringing them home to Israel where they can rise up to God.

Story: Alexander – Time to Get out of Ukraine!

Alexander was about to enter the battle of his life which would determine whether he would ever see his wife and young son again.

“I knew this fight was different,” says Alexander.

I had been in many battles before, but the chaos and gunfire was like nothing that I had ever experienced. My life was flashing before my eyes. I started thinking about my wife, my baby… my twin sister. ‘NO!’, I yelled to myself. ‘Focus…’. I regrouped my thoughts and started to rely on my instincts and training.”

Alexander made it through that horrific morning of fighting in Eastern Ukraine that would forever change his life, but so many others around him did not. He decided it was time to get out of Ukraine and move to Israel where he could give his family a future and also begin to fulfil his own dreams of becoming a mechanic.

Alexander’s twin sister, Tatiana, had already worked with our Aliyah Co-ordinator to obtain permission for her and her husband to make aliyah, but she refused to leave her beloved brother behind, saying, “I told him that I would wait for him, no matter how long it took.”

Tatiana and her husband stayed with Alexander’s wife and one-year-old son while he was fighting for his life and country. They prayed together every day that he would return home safely. They also prayed for a peaceful and healthy life together in Israel.

I am thrilled to tell you that God has answered their prayers. Alexander did return, and we have helped them all to make aliyah successfully. Today, they are living in Israel!

Story: Anna

On my most recent trip, I went to visit Anna who had just lost her mother. As I was walking into her home, I was stopped cold in my tracks upon the sight of Anna hunched over her floor, sweeping the dirt away with a makeshift broom. Tears began to well up in my eyes as I watched her methodically moving the dirt from side to side.

What was breaking my heart is that Anna lives in an old converted barn with an unfinished dirt floor. She was literally trying to clean the dirt off the dirt floor. This poor woman was doing the best she could to keep her home in a liveable condition, but no matter how much she tried, she was getting nowhere.

Anna has endured a lifetime of pain and suffering, from living in horrific poverty to losing her beloved mother, who was a Holocaust survivor. Directly along the road from the dirt-floor ‘flat’ she is forced to live in, about 200 feet away, stands a large white government building. Anna told us that this is where the Nazis forcibly took her mother and tortured her daily for weeks on end during the occupation. Can you imagine the pain of walking out of your home and having to look every day at the torture chamber where your own mother was brutalised? 

…200 feet away, stood a large white government building. Anna told me that this is where the Nazis forcibly took her mother and tortured her daily for weeks on end…

Our team has embraced Anna with the love of God and we assured her that we would be by her side. We invited her to eat Shabbat dinner at our Senior Care Centre and promised her that we would help to make her flat safe and warm. Tatiana, our Aliyah Co-ordinator has begun working with her to get her started on the process of moving to Israel.

How Can I Help Anna?

Let’s show Anna, and the thousands of others just like her, how much Christians Care about the Jewish people as we bless them and love them, just as God has called upon us to do.

Story: Nastya

Nastya Shafir, 11, was seriously injured in a car accident after the vehicle she was riding in with her mother was run off the road by an aggressive driver. Nastya suffered multiple head injuries as well as injuries to other parts of her body. Her mother also sustained multiple injuries and they were both rushed to the hospital by ambulance. 

Nastya is a model student and had been in our program for over 4 years. Both she and her mother live in a small one-room flat and struggled to make ends meet. They depend on the daily meals that we provide in our Mitzvah 613 feeding program as they are unable to buy enough food to keep Nastya well-nourished and healthy. 

Thanks to the immediate response, love, and caring gifts of our ministry partners, we were able to rush to Nastya’s side and provide the life-saving medical care that she so desperately needed. Today, with God’s blessing and our assistance, Nastya has recovered from her multiple injuries and is doing extremely well.

Aliyah is all about raising up God’s children in their greatest time of need. Nastya, who was once clinging to life, will soon enter our Kadima program so that she can prepare for a healthy future in Israel.



How Can I Help Nastya?

Let’s show Nastya, and the thousands of others just like her, how much Christians Care about the Jewish people as we bless them and love them, just as God has called upon us to do.

Story: Abram & Natella

Abram and Natella’s love has been so strong that they have been inseparable for the past 60 years. This loving couple met and married at university and then went on to both become respected college professors. As Holocaust survivors, they have survived so many life-threatening situations in their lives, but now face a monumental battle as Abram was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer.

“Abram is my love, my life and my everything,” says Natella.

“I will never forget the day that we met. I was walking to class and this handsome young man ran past me to open the door. As our eyes met, he lost his balance and all of his books fell to the ground. We looked at each other and both broke out in laughter. The rest, I should say, is history!”

Abram: “Natella is the best wife any man could ever ask for. Being Jewish in Ukraine isn’t easy, but having Natella by my side to fight through the hatred and repression has made me a better man. Her compassion towards humanity not only inspires me, but represents the love and understanding that we should all possess towards our fellow citizens.”

The couple were faced with mounting medical bills and a pension that barely pays their monthly electricity bill. Abram and Natella desperately needed our help. The medical care that Abram received was substandard at best. Together, with your prayers and loving gifts, we are ensuring Abram receives the best treatments available and lifting this couple up so they will have a fighting chance of living out their final years together.