Dear Friends,

I want to thank you with all of my heart for being such a valued member of our loving family and God-given mission to bless Israel and our suffering Jewish brothers and sisters. Together with your prayers and loving support, we are rescuing and saving the suffering from the life-threatening conditions that continue to ravage Ukraine. 

As sirens blast their warnings, bombs, missiles, and kamikaze drones are raining down upon this country’s innocent and peaceful people. Apartment buildings, energy facilities, a playground and even rush hour traffic, are being bombarded in this display of deadly brutality.  

Just the other day, 6 Kamikaze drones landed close to our loving Kalaniot Children’s Home and our School, where a total of 250 of our beautiful children like Sasha either study in their classrooms or live in the loving confines of our nurturing home. Thank God all are ok, but we cannot ignore how close our babies were to these horrendous and inhumane attacks.

It is also so difficult to witness our Holocaust Survivors and elderly Jewish brothers and sisters like Valya again being forced into bomb shelters to escape the onslaught of these terrifying attacks. Moving quickly to shelters for safety is not easy for them due to their age and the many severe medical conditions they suffer from. The anxiety and trauma created by these acts of terror can also trigger an immediate life-threatening medical emergency for those who have already suffered so much in this terrible crisis.

Let us pray together for this senseless war and horrific loss of life to come to an immediate end. Let’s also pray that our precious children, families, the elderly and all who are suffering so greatly right now receive God’s loving protection while their lives are continually threatened. Together, we can also take action by expanding our efforts to rescue and save those who are in immediate need of safe shelter, meals, medical services, and life-saving loving care. You really can’t imagine how important it is for our suffering Jewish brothers and sisters, to have such a loving friend like you, in this critical and dangerous time.  
I want to thank you again for being part of our loving family here at Christians Care International. May God bless you abundantly for helping us to bless and save our suffering Jewish brothers and sisters in Ukraine,

Don Horwitz
CEO, Christians Care International

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