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Our Mission

See I will beckon to the nations, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders.

Isaiah 49:22

Our calling here at Christians Care International has always been defined by a promise which God gave to the Jewish people in the book of Isaiah that He would call upon the Gentile nations to raise them up and bring them back home to Israel.

To answer that calling, CCI is bringing Christians from around the world together to gather, bless and bring our suffering Jewish brothers and sisters home to Israel through our life-saving programs. By being a direct service provider to Jewish communities in the Former Soviet Union, we are also able to break down thousands of years of misunderstanding that has occurred with our brothers and sisters and replace it with love, understanding and mutual respect.

About Us

Aliyah is the Hebrew word which means to rise up. It is most commonly used to refer to the repatriation of the Jewish people to Israel.

God has called upon our ministry to work as His hands and feet as we go into the repressed Jewish communities of the Former Soviet Union. We are His warriors of love, sent in to find and rescue His lost children who have been so severely abused, neglected and beaten down. 

To truly bless Israel and the Jewish people of the FSU, we must look at aliyah in two ways. First, the raising up of the individual out of poverty and despair and then secondly, the rising up of that individual to Israel.

Today, we have helped over 93,000 of our brothers and sisters return home to Israel, healthy and whole. We have over 1,700 abused and neglected Jewish orphans and underprivileged children under our care in our cutting edge Children’s Rehabilitation Programs. And, we are providing life-saving humanitarian aid and emergency medical care to suffering Holocaust Survivors, elderly Jewish people, individuals and families.



Don Horwitz

Executive Director

Don doesn’t believe in coincidences; he believes it was God that brought him to serve as Executive Director of CCI. As the grandson of Russian Jewish immigrants who fled for their lives from Ukraine in 1917, Don has always maintained a strong connection with his family’s heritage. After repeated visits to Russia and Ukraine, Don saw first-hand the countless children, orphans and adults left suffering from neglect and abuse.

Don decided to act – adopting his three daughters from Russia, and founding a charity in Moscow to help other orphans. Don was first introduced to CCI (then known as 49:22TRUST) as a film maker, when he was asked to produce a number of documentary films for the organization to bring attention to the humanitarian crisis facing vulnerable Jews of the former Soviet Union. It was his experience making these films that eventually led to his answering the call to lead the organization as its Executive Director. Through his work with CCI, Don has developed a global network of Christians united in their belief that we must all join together to fulfill God’s call to lift up the Jewish people.

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